Residents Association Committee Voting

The residents association are holding elections!
Please read the candidate profiles below and then vote at the bottom.

The candidates are:

Kate Broome

My family and I moved to St Clements in June 2016, looking for a place that our two small children could call home. We lived in Spain for many years so we were searching for that same sense of community – somewhere we would know our neighbors, and finding a beautiful historic site was a huge bonus.

In my professional life, I work for a large transport company leading a team in the environment and sustainability field, so as well as energy and enthusiasm, I would bring plenty of practical skills to the Committee – I’m pragmatic, I’m experienced at managing complex projects and engaging stakeholders, I like working collaboratively with people to get things done, and I want to help drive real positive changes for the site.

In practice, to me this would mean: lots of work going into creating community cohesion, and a safe and secure environment for everyone to enjoy; better recycling and waste facilities that we can actually use; fighting to hold Linden and First Port to account to deliver their promised improvements to the site; and a strong transition to the eventual Residents’ Management Company where we have a greater voice in managing the site ourselves.

Maria Nicolette

In my previous life, I was a Finsbury girl, I proudly won two scholarships because of my convincing real life story-telling coming from a council background with not enough household income to get me through university, one of which was fittingly named the Finsbury Education Foundation Scholarship and the other from the prestigious Sir John Cass University where I learnt business management. So, I know how to tell compelling stories and manage things. But, I also enjoyed my independence living in my own first flat, and made best of friends with OAPs. I got onto the Tenancy Association as Committee Secretary and achieved wonderful things, including a double award winning “Islington in Bloom” Garden!

With a little help from my community friends I got the volunteering bug and extended my time to creating community art events at St Luke’s Community Centre. Adults and children alike fell in love with art again; from famous Street Artists like Otto Schade, to local fashion designers and even the the Blade cosplayer. Exciting times! I’m passionate about community and I brought this passion along to my new life as a Bow resident. If I get only these two lives I want them both to mean something. I promise to fight for our community centre the John Denham Building, I promise to put on the most mesmerising community art exhibitions and bring that place to life, I promise to use my storytelling skills to charm the pants off people to convince them to support our causes, I promise to use my managing skills to manage social media attempts to gain influence on our community causes. I’m the crazy gal who stood in front of St Clements today and sang to two cops “oranges and Lemons keep community in St Clements, if I were rich I would buy that building!”, pointing intently at the ICONIC John Denham rising above my head. They stopped long enough to hear about our cause and wish us luck. I’m the one who approached John Biggs promising him I would replicate the wonders of community and art if that building becomes ours. And when he said in the pub “I hear everyone was disappointed” I said, intently, “there is no such thing as disappointment until we come to the result, and until then there is nothing to worry about, apart from that result!”. He giggled. If I can make a mayor giggle, I think I can do a lot for this community. As long as it involves creative thinking!

Hope to see your vote of confidence in my abilities to represent our residents on the committee. 

My motto: #fightgiants and #communityforever

Interesting fact about me: I’m an aspiring fashion designer, launching my brand Alex Gali this summer, a collection of bold and edgy officewear for professional women! 

Helal Khan

Hi, my name is Helal and I have been a Tower Hamlets resident since birth and have been living at St Clements since June 2017. I have worked for the local authority and more specifically in local schools as “The IT Guy”  and use my skills for worthy community causes. I like to stand up for what I believe in and want to help make a difference for the residents of St Clements. 

Romeo Hida

I would like to be part of the committee and stand for the elections. 

My partner and I live in Broadhead Apartments and we have been part of the community since June 2017, I would love to be part of the committee in order to help shape the way our neighbourhood is managed and actively represent the interests of everyone living in our unique development.

In addition, I have been chosen as the Block Representative for Broadhead Apartments.

Suzanne Gorman and Nayia Yiakoumaki

Suzanne Gorman and Nayia Yiakoumaki

We are applying for a committee role as a job share.

We are members of the LCLT and live at St Clements with our families. As residents here, we are passionate about the wellbeing of our community as well as in creating and maintaining a nice environment to live in. We want an ecological, friendly and diverse neighbourhood where everyone can be heard and things function well.

Between us we bring a lot of experience as members of committees and through our professional capacities.

Suzanne is a graphic designer and long-time Tower Hamlets resident who knows the challenges of trying to find suitable family housing in the borough. She believes that the built environment can have a huge impact on wellbeing. She is Vice-Chair of the East London Community Band and has been a trustee of the London Community Land Trust for 7 years.

Nayia is an art curator at the local Whitechapel Gallery and has been a governor for Columbia Primary School, Chair and Treasurer of the fundraising school group Friends of Columbia, board member of Women’s Art Library committee and Secretary of Creative Art Design Archives.  

We have been living in Tower Hamlets for more than fifteen years and have a great knowledge and understanding of the local community.

We are open to listening to all opinions, we are strong communicators, effective in networking with peers and different stakeholders and will work hard to make things happen.

David Smith

My name is David Smith, I have been a resident in St Clements since moving here in July 2017 and live here happily with my other half and our puppy, Tucker. I grew up in the East London so am local(ish) and the area is close to my heart. After some encouragement, I have decided to put myself forward for nomination to our residentscommittee. I wouldn’t normally put myself forward for a role such as this, but have pushed myself out of my comfort zone as I feel strongly that I could help make a real positive difference to our community. I deal with different people and groups daily in my job who are from various backgrounds with conflicting priorities and thus have a pragmatic demeanour and a decent hand on managing teams. Importantly I am a fair, balanced and level headed guy who would bring common sense and a hard working ethos to the group.

To date I have been actively working to improve the challenges that we have faced as a community, and undertook an activity to join up our collective woes to bring to our MP, Jim Fitzpatrick. Since gathering inputs from residents across the site presenting them both over the phone and face to face, I now have good relations with Jim and his office. He has subsequently written letters to Linden, FirstPort and the council on our behalf and seems genuinely committed to supporting us. I have been as transparent as possible in posting up the results of these meetings and sharing updates directly with the residents who gave inputs.

We have a really great community here at St Clements, but I do think it is important that we ensure we have a collective voice so that our guarantees and problems are followed up on. My priorities would be:

  • Security and safety on site: ensuring Linden undertake basic obligations and working with the safer neighbourhood team and council
  • Finish the development: Ensuring Linden finish our development to the necessary spec and do not try to hand over the site to First Port when is isn’t ready which could incur charge on us going forward
  • Effective engagement with First Port: With Tony leaving and the new officer coming in – we need to be sure we are getting the service we are paying for / ensuring bills come out in the correct time and our charges are fair
  • The John Denham Building: We are all well aware of the ongoing challenges with Linden and the John Denham building. I will work with the team to try our upmost to ensure that the space is used well and not simply turned into an estate agents!

Peter Modestou

I would like to stand as a resident representative for St Clements, as I believe we need to improve the community as a whole. Whether it’s the rubbish, maintenance or local crime we need to amend these issues as a community in order to gain results. But it doesn’t stop there, we also need gatherings in order to become a community and become vocal about how we would like St Clements to progress. 

Sean Marcs

Hi there my names Sean Marcs, I am an Australian who married a gorgeous Brit and co-parent to a little puppy named Chutney. I work in Learning & Development, have a love of musical theater and wear heels around the office on a Monday. Bet you that grabbed your attention!

My husband and I have lived in Guardian Apartments St Clements for two years now and are really passionate about the area, community and future of our home. I would like to be considered for a position on the board for these reasons and feel that I have skills I can offer, that will see us make greater steps forward as a community. My experience is in flexing and facilitating communication with and between stakeholders, identifying solutions with scope of an intentional impact, presenting with confidence and keeping things fun and exciting along the way. I value honesty, transparency  and friendship and these are values I will bring with me into this position. 

I thank you for taking the time to read this, considering me and hope I get the opportunity to represent all you fabulous people. 

Karen Bowles

My name is Karen and I would like to be part of the RA for our development.
I’ve lived at st Clements for the last two years.

I would really love to be part of the residents association team here to ensure that the voices of residents are heard. To make a positive impact and a happy community feel that everyone calls home 🙂

I have a creative background in design so I am also looking forward to organising events and socials that bring everyone together.