About Us

The St Clements Residents’ Association (RA) is operated by and for residents of the St Clements site. It has no affiliation with Linden Homes or First Port – rather the RA was set up in early 2019 thanks to the hard work of a small group of residents who felt passionately about giving a voice to their neighbours in St Clements. It was created with the explicit aim of being open to all residents, regardless of residency model (ownership, renting, Peabody, or part of our unique London Community Land Trust (LCLT) community, and everything in between).

Constitution was drafted, and residents were encouraged to sign up to become members of the RA through this dedicated website, paying a £5 membership fee where feasible. 

An open AGM was held to invite all residents to support the formal creation of the RA. The AGM took place on Thursday 7 March 2019 at the Bernie Cameron Community Centre, 32 Merchant Street, E3 4PZ, with around 75 St Clements residents, including owners, renters, Peabody, and LCLT residents in attendance. Minutes of the AGM can be found here: www.stclementsbow.co.uk/minutes.

All residents were invited to stand for election to the Management Committee of the RA, with 10 residents taking up the opportunity to stand. Elections were held in April 2019, with each household on the site eligible to cast up to three votes for their preferred candidates through an online platform, overseen by a group of independent residents who were not standing for election, to make the process as democratic as possible. The highest-polling eight candidates were confirmed as Officers of the Management Committee (two of whom were elected as a ‘job share’ and thus hold a single vote between them in Committee matters). The first meeting of the newly constituted Committee was held on Thursday 9 May 2019 with full attendance from all eight Officers. The minutes of this inaugural meeting can be found here and will be published online and shared openly, as will the minutes of all future meetings.

Considerable work has gone into getting the RA to this point, and huge thanks are extended to those residents who have given their time and efforts to the cause so far.

Going forwards, your elected Management Committee Officers are here to represent you on behalf of your Residents’ Association. Their time, energy and enthusiasm is given voluntarily and without recompense. Please lend them your support and encouragement where you can, as well as your patience. It will take time to address the issues on the site, and to get the RA up and running in full effect. Please remember that Committee Officers are your neighbours, executing their roles to the best of their abilities, for a timebound period (with elections taking place again at the AGM in 2020), and with the sole intent of bettering the site for all residents, an aim that
all St Clements residents will share.

A clear purpose and set of values have been set out. All thoughts, suggestions and ideas from residents will always be welcome – the Committee is accountable for its performance to the RA membership, and Officers are committed to listening, being open and collaborative, and to operating with transparency and honesty.

Thank you for your support.
July 2019