Anti-social behavior and improvements to St Clements

Over the last several months, the RA have been meeting with a  number of key stakeholders including the Police, Tower Hamlets ASB team and Firstport to campaign and push for change to ease the ASB we have been experiencing on site. 

Tower Hamlets ASB team continue to coordinate and champion our cause and have recently issued Linden with a report on required changes and will give them two months to implement. This report has been supported by Police and Tower Hamlets Crime Prevention Officer. Failure to do so, can result in Linden being issued with a Community Protection Order, which can ultimately lead to legal action. Tower Hamlets ASB team have also forwarded their report to the planning enforcement team, who have also opened an investigation into Linden of their own.

The good news is that Linden have agreed separately via Firstport to make a number of changes to site, including changing the gate closers, improvements to bike stores, installing the gate at the front of the development by the marketing suite amongst others. Linden have advised that they will carry these works out as soon as ‘practically possible’ and the RA are pressing for a full itemised list of these works and a hard deadline as to when they are expected to be finished. As we can all appreciate, we have not seen any material changes on site as of yet. 

Please do keep reporting any incidents of ASB and crime to the Police and the RA team email address so we can continue to keep the pressure on Linden and Firstport to make necessary changes.