Bin Updates

Bins and waste management

Unfortunately, waste/bins remain a big issue for everyone on the St Clements site at the moment, so as agreed at the open meeting back in March, this is one of the priority issues for the RA to campaign and push for change on.

A member of the RA, along with other St Clements residents and Councillor Dan Tomlinson met with Paul Myall of Linden Homes on 17 May 2019, and Paul committed to making various design changes to the sulo bins to stop them becoming blocked. This has not happened despite repeated chasing.

We’ve now escalated things again to the Waste Strategy, Policy and Procurement team at Tower Hamlets Council, who are understanding of the current predicament and looking at ways to support us through colleagues in that team and in their planning department.

We are also keen to pursue a Community Protection Notice (CPN) against Linden for the poor state of the waste management on site, so this is currently being explored with the Council. 

Councillor Tomlinson continues to advocate on behalf of St Clements residents with Linden Homes, FirstPort and the Council on this topic, and his support is greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, waste will feature in the August RA newsletter to residents to remind people to use the larger bins at the front of the site for oversized items.

Please keep emailing photos of the bins to Linden and FirstPort to keep the pressure on them until the much needed design changes are made.

The RA team