Meet the team

The Residents’ Association (RA) Constitution requires us to have a Management Committee, elected by RA members. Eight Officers were chosen by their fellow St Clements residents through a vote in April 2019. The next elections will take place at the AGM in March 2020, where all current Officers will stand down and those that would like the opportunity to continue on the Committee, can put themselves forward for re-election if they wish.

The seven elected Officers of the RA Management Committee for the period April 2019 to March 2020 are:

The current Committee has a balanced range of skills, experience and competencies, including in the following areas:

  • Skills and professional competencies which include graphic design, art, finance, IT and technology, community organising, fundraising, learning and development, managing complex projects and large teams, delivering change, environmental sustainability, and more.
  • A diverse mix of genders, nationalities, cultures, and LGBTQ+ representation
  • Local roots, with Officers who are lifelong residents of Tower Hamlets and East London more generally, including Bethnal Green and Islington, as well as further afield
  • A reasonable spread of blocks/ buildings (including Metropolis Plaza, Broadhead, Guardian, Longbow and Salsabil Apartments), with good links into most other blocks that are not directly represented by an Officer
  • Representation from London Community Land Trust (LCLT) residents, though not currently from Peabody residents (which will be a target in the 2020 elections).
  • Experience on other Committees and of charitable work, including in the roles of Secretary and Treasurer
  • All Officers have been active in trying to make change on the site as individuals in some capacity already, so the Committee has good experience of the current issues around the St Clements site (including with Linden Homes/ First Port etc.). One Officer has been resident on the site since June 2016, and another was involved in campaigning for the St Clements site to be created in the first place. A number of Officers have developed contacts with key stakeholders, including the local MP, Counsellors, specialists in Tower Hamlets Council, the local Mayor etc.
  • Between us we also have a good spread of children and pets….

Your elected Management Committee Officers are here to represent you on behalf of your Residents’ Association. Their time, energy and enthusiasm is given voluntarily and without recompense. Please lend them your support and encouragement where you can, as well as your patience. It will take time to address the issues on the site, and to get the RA up and running in full effect. Please remember that Committee Officers are your neighbours, executing their roles to the best of their abilities, for a timebound period (with elections taking place again in 2020), and with the sole intent of bettering the site for all residents, an aim that all St Clements residents will share.

A clear mission and set of values have been set out. All thoughts, suggestions and ideas from residents will always be welcome – the Committee is accountable for its performance to the RA membership, and Officers are committed to listening, being open and collaborative, and to operating with transparency and honesty.

Thank you for your support.